Gentle Yoga classes are on Mondays, 9:30-10:30 AM in suite 226 of the Lincoln Land building,  South 4th street Effingham, across from the Hendelmeyer Ron Diehl center where my classes were previously held.

Students should enter the double glass doors on the North and take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor, suite #226.  This is a beautiful studio, with a clean, carpeted floor, and students remove their shoes at the door, making our space more sacred for yoga practice.


Healing Therapies

Nancy Liss, YOGA, REIKI, TEACHER, THERAPIES,  Eastern Illinois University, teaching Hatha/Raja, Students of all ages and levels are welcome in the yoga classes, and each student receives individualized instruction.  Poses are gently modified for pre-natal, post surgical or any limited range of motion condition, Classes are taught continually at Effingham Park District, recreation center, 1906 South Fourth Street, relax, restore, Effingham, Illinois (217) 342-4415, class times, Nancy’s use of complementary healing therapies spans over 35 years.  She has studied all levels of REIKI ENERGY HEALING and became a certified Master/Teacher in 2000,  pranic, auric clearing, reflexology, numerology and Qi Gong. Private sessions, classes and workshops are available for individuals and groups. Nany, Lis, nanyc, lsis, uoga, Divine life, dis-ease, Practitioners, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System,  PRINCIPLES. Just for today do not anger, Just for today do not worry, Honor your parents, teachers and elders, Earn your living honestly, Show gratitude to every living thing, Yamas (abstensions)- Nonviolence, control of sexual energy, non-stealing, truth, non-covetousness, Niyamas (observances)- Purity, contentment, surrender of the ego, study, austerities, Asanas - Steady poses, Pranayama – Control of breathing (vital energy), Pratyahara – Withdrawal of the senses, Dharana – Concentration of the mind, Dhyana – Meditation, Samadhi – Liberation – the Superconscious state, REIKI MASTER LINEAGE, Ancient Tibetan Masters, This website created by Greg Hook, Marketing Consultant, Orange Frog Advertising

Phone: 217-347-9678

I will be teaching a Reiki I (Level One) class in May.

This class will certify students to treat self, friends and family. 

If you are interested in this class,  please contact me via


or by phone at: (217) 347-9678 or (217) 342-2458